Vintage Wines

Vidal Blanc – $12.95
A French-American hybrid grape, produces a very distinct semi-sweet wine in a Germanic style.

Vignoles – $12.95
(Ravat) A French-American hybrid grape, produces this very distinct semi-dry wine which has a complex and well balanced taste.

Reflections – $13.95
Semi-dry white Riesling from the Lake Erie Region.

Seyval Blanc – $12.95
Dry white wine with a crisp clean taste.

Merlot – $19.95
Aged in French and Hungarian oak barrels, this is a deep ruby red dry wine with a smooth medium body.

Chancellor – $13.95
The French-American hybrid Chancellor produces a full bodied, robust red wine with a pleasant oak-aged character.

Baco Noir – $14.95
A dry red French hybrid with a distinct oak-aged character.

Cabernet Sauvignon – $19.95
A dry red wine with medium body and oak-aged flavor. Aged for eighteen months in Hungarian oak barrels.

Noiret – $14.95
An Estate Grown, smooth red wine with light oak, black pepper and cherry overtones. Aged for nine months in American and Hungarian oak barrels.


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